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Do you need to store your vehicle for a week or longer? Self-storage is a great option for both short-term and long-term car storage. Many of our facilities offer the option to store large recreational vehicles such as boats or RV's. Whether you need to store your classic vehicles, boats, trailers, or a recreational vehicle, U-Stor-It has the parking space for you.

Benefits of Vehicle Storage


    Vehicle storage at U-Stor-It provides you with the safest option to secure your vehicles. At U-Stor-It, in order to access your vehicles you need an electronic gate code that is linked to your ID. Your vehicle is kept in a well-lit parking lot and has 24-hour video recordings to monitor the premises.

    Free Up Space

    Recreational vehicles can be large in length extending up to 40 feet long and can be upwards of 12 feet in height. Storing an RV at home may simply not be an option or perhaps your vehicle doesn’t fit in your garage. You might even be tired of looking at it in your drive-way. Choosing to rent a vehicle parking spot allows you to access your vehicles more conveniently whether its at the start of a road trip or close by to your destination.

    Cost Savings

    Most boats are large in size and are unable to fit in your garage. You can save on costs by choosing to rent a parking space as this is a much more economical option than storing your boat in the water. Storing your boat on land is often better for the boat and will save you money on both storage and maintenance costs.

    Avoid Fines/ Regulations

    In some cities and neighborhoods, the outdoor storage of non-passenger vehicles and recreational vehicles isn’t allowed by municipal ordinances or neighborhood covenants. In these situations, we highly recommend finding the closest U-Stor-It next to you to store your boat.

Different Types of Vehicle Storage

Car Storage

Whether you need to store a car for a month or even a year, we have storage solutions available at each one of our properties. You can park your vehicle on one of our secured and fenced lots that require a unique keycode to access or choose to store your car in an enclosed drive-up access unit. Our options are affordable and our month to month contracts make renting a breeze. Simply take your preference of whether you would like to store indoor or outdoor and we will have a space for you!

Popular options for storing taxis, coupes, sedans, SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickup trucks are a 10x20 space.

Boat Storage

From fishing boats to a yacht, if you need a space to store your boat we have the right option for you. Our facilities offer an easily accessible, safe and secure option for you to park your boat at any time during the year. Our spaces range from a 10x20 to fit the smaller boats and go up to 60” in length to accommodate the largest vessels imaginable. Give one of our storage experts a call if you need help figuring out how large of a space is needed to store your vehicle.

RV Storage

If you need an affordable option to store your recreational vehicle, you can look at U-Stor-It which has a variety of options to work for you. Our most popular option is outdoor RV storage which is the most economical and affordable option that our customers prefer. We have freshly paved parking lots with wide turn radiuses and large drive aisles to accommodate larger vehicles driving by. Outdoor parking storage is a great option to securely store your RV.

Vehicle Storage

Many businesses use our parking spaces for their needs and will store company vehicles at our facilities. We require vehicles to be in working condition, insured, and have a valid registration in order to be stored at our property. This allows us to make sure that all vehicles entering the lot are accounted for and that we can provide you with the best security possible.

Vehicles aren’t just limited to cars, boats, or RV’s. They come in all types of sizes such as a motorcycle or ATV which can be stored in a unit as small as a 5x10. By keeping smaller vehicles in these storage units, you can save on your monthly rent and keep them out of the elements.

We also have large vehicles and offer discounts for companies who are interested in space to store their commercial fleet. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will work with you to accommodate you and your parking needs.