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Learn About Climate Controlled Storage And Where To Find It Near You.

What is climate control? Climate controlled storage is our recommended choice when you are storing items over an extended period of time where local climate and temperature is hot and humid or cold and rigid. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause issues for sensitive items such as furniture, electronics, fabrics, and metals.

At U-Stor-It, many of our facilities have climate controlled storage units to help preserve your belongings and protect them from fluctuations in the local climate. In our facilities, climate control means that the temperature is kept between 50 and 80 degrees to prevent your items from being exposed to severe heat or below-freezing cold which can severely damage items that are kept in an environment where temperature is not regulated. It is recommended to rent a climate controlled unit to better protect your belongings from these extreme conditions.

Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit


    You wouldn’t store your personal belongings in outside conditions, so make sure to choose the very best storage option available. A climate controlled unit regulates the temperature to match ideal household conditions and protects your belongings from sudden variances in temperature. If you have a business or valuables and want to keep your items in the best condition possible make sure to find a climate controlled unit near you.


    With our climate controlled facilities, temperature ranges are regulated to make your moving experience much more enjoyable. Our climate controlled units are kept out of the elements and offer air conditioning and/or heating in order to keep you warm during harsh winters and cool during the hot summers.

    Peace of Mind

    Sleep well knowing that you have the best option that a storage facility has to offer and that your belongings are being kept in a safe temperature range best suited for most items. Climate control may be more costly than a standard self-storage unit, but the money spent for this premium feature is well worth the cost of having to replace or repair items that are damaged from being stored in temperature extremes.

Do I need Climate Control?

If you are not sure about climate controlled storage, here are some items that could benefit from renting a temperature controlled storage unit.

  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Cameras
  • Business Inventory/ Retail goods
  • Wood Furniture
  • Fabrics & clothes
  • Metallic items