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U-Stor-It offers a variety of drive-up units best suited for your storage needs. Drive-up accessible units allow you to drive up and park right next to the door of your storage unit. Renting a drive-up storage unit gives you the convenience of being able to drive directly to your unit and unload quickly and easily. This allows for you to be able to load items in and out of your storage unit in little to no time. The convenience of being next to your storage unit allows you to have an easier move with less effort and strain.

Drive-up units come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 5x5 up to 1200+ SF making this a great option for those who want to easily access a unit and unload from their car. Customers ranging from those looking to store seasonal items to business customers can find that drive-up units are a great option for their storage needs. Many of the U-Stor-It Self Storage facilities have drive-up accessible units on the interior of the facility in addition to those that are outdoor. The indoor drive-up units can be accessed from their own private individual loading bay or from our drive-through loading bay. A drive-through loading bay allows for you to drive into our facility and stay out of the elements whether it is raining, snowing, or simply a hot and humid day. Indoor drive-up access units can also be climate controlled, providing you with the best storage option available.

These units typically rent out quickly as they are incredibly popular due to their convenient accessibility. All you have to do is pull in your vehicle and you are directly in front of your unit ready to unload or load items.

One of the lesser known benefits of a drive-up unit is that they can be utilized to store a car, boat, or recreational vehicle.

Click below to learn more about our Boat/RV/Vehicle Storage options.

Boat/RV/Vehicle Storage