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U-Stor-It offers a variety of storage types that are ideal for retailers, manufacturers, sales reps and various other types of small business owners. We will help you free up valuable office space to store any excess inventory, supplies, files, furniture, cabinets, displays, signs, merchandise, and any other equipment so that your business has the space to run how you want it to. For many businesses, there is no such thing as having too much storage space!

We make it easy to upgrade or transfer into a different unit size depending on your business's storage needs.

At our facilities we offer the following services to help you and your business grow!


If you need additional space to store documents, furniture, or equipment - a standard self-storage is the perfect unit for you. Many businesses choose to rent self-storage to accommodate fluctuation of their business needs. It is much more affordable to rent a storage unit with U-Stor-It on a month to month basis than it is to relocate an office or expand into a larger warehouse.

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Climate Controlled Storage:

For businesses storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, we recommend choosing one of our climate controlled storage options.

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Vehicle Storage:

For businesses where you want to make sure that company vehicles are kept safe and secure when they are not in use, vehicle storage is a great option. Many businesses rent either an indoor or outdoor parking space with us to store their company vehicle when it is not in use.

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Drive-Up Storage:

Many businesses need to make frequent trips to their self-storage unit in order to pick up and drop off inventory or equipment. For those who need to quickly access their belongings or inventory, we highly recommend renting a drive-up access unit.

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Warehouse Space:

U-Stor-It offers a variety of units including warehousing space. When a traditional self-storage unit isn’t big enough for you, speak to one of our self-storage specialists. We will be able to help you find a unit large enough to fit your storage needs. Our leases are month-to-month, so you won’t have to commit to a long term lease as other operators or warehouse providers require.

Office Space/ Retail Space:

If you are planning to use your self-storage as an office or retail space, please speak to our self-storage experts. We offer retail and office space at select locations.

Advantages of Business Storage

    Delivery Service

    Have your packages sent directly to our facility. We can put it inside your unit for you or have it on hold for you to pick it up.

    Lounge Area

    Take a break, meet with business partners, or just relax in any of our offices. We have fresh coffee on hand.

    Loading Bays

    Our facilities have loading bays for you to use to make it easier to move into your unit. If you are expecting a large delivery, we have plenty of space available to accommodate larger vehicles/ trucks when they are unloading.

    Extended Access Hours

    Businesses may need extended hours in order to accommodate their operations. We offer extended access hours to accommodate your businesses needs.

    Consolidated Accounts

    Make it easier to pay bills by consolidating your units into one business account. You’ll be able to log-in and view a list of all your units rented with us and manage them all from our online portal. We offer auto-pay to make it easier on you so you have time to focus on your business.